Remember Rebuild Saskatchewan is an interdisciplinary project that explores how the COVID-19 pandemic amplified health disparities across the province. We are also identifying policies and practices that Saskatchewan can implement before the next pandemic to reduce inequality and improve health outcomes for all people in Saskatchewan. Our approach is collaborative, fusing methods from health experts, social scientists, and digital humanities to create a more nuanced story of the pandemic that goes beyond the official record. The success of this project is reliant on the input and insights of healthcare workers and our community partners, particularly those who provide services and supports in mental health, substance use, housing, and food insecurity. Together, we will document what policies and practices worked and areas where Saskatchewan can improve its pandemic response.


Our project is supported by the CIHR and SSHRC funding awarded in 2022. With additional support from the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina. For more details, see the stories linked below.

CIHR grant: Addressing the Wider Health Impacts of COVID-19

Build Back Better: Data and equity needed to drive post-pandemic recovery in Canada: a Saskatchewan contribution

SSHRC Grant: Partnership Development Grant

Remembering and Rebuilding: Saskatchewan's COVID 19 Public Archive

We are also receiving technical and financial support for the development of our digital archive from the Archives Unleashed project (@unleasharchives), which gives us direct access to the servers and data hosted by the Internet Archive, via it’s Archive-It initiative.

Archives Unleased, Cohort (2022-23):

Web Archiving and the Saskatchewan COVID Archive: Expanding Coverage to Capture Social Media, Medical Misinformation, and Radicalization